If your home experienced recent settlement in its foundation, you see visible cracks in the brick or your windows do not open easily anymore, you probably need a tuckpointing contractor to analyze the damage and provide a solution. What is tuck pointing you ask? Good question.
Tuckpointing is the process of filling in missing, cracked or deteriorated mortar joints in masonary walls to minimize or avoid shifting of walls.  In this process, we  will remove (by grinding out) the damaged mortar, if necessary, then install fresh pointing mortar into the open mortar joint by pushing it into the damaged joint with a 'tuckpointer'. At True Value Construction & Remodeling, we will also color match the new mortar to the existing mortar color as close as possible. Once the mortar has been 'tucked' into place, we will finish the new pointing mortar so that the joint finish matches the existing mortar joint finish. Finally, we will wash all walls to give you that beautiful look of freshly tuck pointed brick walls.


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